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Alexander Hamilton -

First Secretary of the Treasury, Framer of the Constitution, Writer of the Federalist Papers, the founder of our Nation’s First Bank, Soldier of the Revolution, Immigrant, or the guy on the ten dollar bill.


Whether your event is a black tie affair, Chautauqua, or an afternoon program for youngsters learning about early American History, Ian Rose brings Alexander Hamilton to life for your event. 


Ian’s interpretation was a knock out. [...] He used just the right mix of historical anecdotes, solid historical references ands splendid interaction with his audience. Sometimes, using Hamilton’s cynicism, he revealed the soul of the man himself.

I looked at the kids and the adults staring intently at this man who said he was Alexander Hamilton and I knew what had happened. They had suspended their disbelief. For a moment, that summer afternoon, they believed he was Alexander Hamilton. In their rational minds they knew he wasn’t really Hamilton, but they wanted to believe and because of his skill, for a moment they believed.

- William A. Sommerfield

Artistic Director, American Historical Theater

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When asked how he liked Ian’s performance, author John Cunningham, The Uncertain Revolution, said it was pretty close to the real thing.

"I knew him," said John, a twinkle in his eye, meaning the original Alexander Hamilton.

Kevin Coughlin,

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Thank you, for sharing a real piece of history with our guests.  Everyone loved your performance.

- Marcia D’Arcangelo

Senior Manager of Daily Programs, The Newseum

Just a quick note to tell you that I really enjoyed your presentation today. While the humor and storytelling were outstanding, I particularly enjoyed your eagerness to engage in the political and philosophical discussions that would have been so exciting for Hamilton. Talking to you really brought the man to life for me, and also reminded me of the extent to which the debates of his day remain the debates of our own.

Thanks for a fun and engaging afternoon!

- Bruce Watson

Hamilton’s Bday 1/11/09

Morris-Jumel Mansion, NYC

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