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Secretary Hamilton

Meet Alexander Hamilton at his most ascendant place in history: as a veteran of the war, Framer of the Constitution, Secretary of the Treasury, and political rival of Thomas Jefferson.


Hamilton & Burr

Hamilton & Burr had a life long association.  From the earliest days of the revolution in New York City, these men’s lives ran strangely parallel to each other, both serving as officers throughout the war, in early government, and as attorneys arguing cases in New York courts.  Until their famous duel in 1804 cut short the life of Hamilton, they were ostensibly friends. Burr and Hamilton discuss and debate their lives and what brought them to such an end.  

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Hamilton & Jefferson

With Bill Barker ( Monticello’s Thomas Jefferson). Hamilton and Jefferson recreate the debates that formed our fledgling federal nation, discussing the events that shaped our country and continue to define us to this day. 


The debate can be styled for groups from 7/8 grade levels to adults and seniors.

^ Watch a Jefferson vs. Hamilton debate ^

All programs include a Q&A period

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