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Fights choreographed by Ian have graced the London stage, Off-Broadway, as well as national commercials. With over twenty-five years experience in the "fight trade," Ian has grappled with every type of venue in the art of stage or stunt combat, and his work has spanned from Broadway to Film. 

Whether you're looking for someone to stage a fight or want to learn how to fight safely and well for the stage or screen, Ian can help you fulfill your fighting needs.

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“The most sensible reason for seeing this show is its plentitude of exciting swordplay.  No patty-cake stuff here - The action staged by Ian Rose is of magnum opus movie grade.   I’m still not convinced the blood wasn’t real!”    -  The Philadelphia Inquirer


Ian Rose is a Fight Master with the Society of American Fight Directors and Fight Directors Canada.

To see Ian's full resume, click here.

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