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Whether you are looking for rentals for Romeo & Juliet, Treasure Island, or West Side Story, our armory has the weapons you need.

Weapons in stock include: 

  • Rapiers

  • Daggers

  • Knives (various)

  • Broadswords/Longswords

  • Sabres & Cutlasses

  • Period Pistols (non-firing)

  • Short Swords

  • Shields

  • Spears & Halberds

          ... and more. Please contact us for special needs.



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All our weapons go out in combat ready condition, unless otherwise specified.   We will not send out a defective weapon,  but cannot guarantee a weapon’s durability since the manufacture and specific usage are beyond our control.  Responsibility for any injury is solely the user’s.  Damaged weapons will be replaced at the current market value.

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