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Ian has been staging fights in the New York and Philadelphia areas for over twenty-five years. He has arranged fights for commercials, for film, and for stage.

Ian's work has been seen at the Riverside Shakespeare and Interborough Repertory Theatre in New York, the Bridewell Theatre in London, MTM Studios in Rome, Olympia Dukakis’ Whole Theatre in New Jersey, The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, The Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival, the Philadelphia Theatre Company and Novel Stages in Pennsylvania.  He was a technical advisor on the film Winter’s Tale and Fight Coordinator for several historical pieces aired on ABC from History Making Productions, as well as the Associate Fight Director on Les Liassons Dangereuses on Broadway starring Liev Schrieber and Janet McTeer.


Ian holds the title of Fight Master with The Society of American Fight Directors and Fight Directors Canada, the highest honour in his profession.


Ian has had the honour to have taught at seven Canadian National Workshops, and is one of the coordinators of the Philadelphia Stage Combat Workshop. He continues to study and be fascinated by Shotokan Karate, where he currently holds a black belt, 4th Degree.

Ian is currently a stage combat instructor at Temple University.

Testimonials & Reviews

arte violenta sword line - halberd dark.

For those of you not aware of the work of this spectacular fight director, Ian brings a very specific historically–based yet still theatrical style to each discipline he teaches.

   - Todd Campbell, The Duello, August 2006

Their duel is the sharpest moment in the evening.

   - MacBeth, Mel Gussow, New York Times


Among the most impressive scenes in THE VENETIAN TWINS are the well executed swordfights, masterfully choreographed by Ian Rose; especially witty is the one in which Tonino, portrayed with appropriate stateliness by Josh Carpenter, nonchalantly fends off an attack behind his back, all the while focusing on his conversation with a friend in front of him.


  - Debra Miller, Stage 

The Muscular and eye-popping swordplay, choreographed by fight director Ian Rose is wincingly convincing.”

  - The East Penn Press   

The first act of this production moves by with the intoxicating speed of a thriller, filled with nerve-wracking, spectacularly staged violence and righteous rage.


- Extremeties, Edge Philadelphia

Yes, Ian is [...] one of the most respected and highly regarded fight choreographers and directors in the country.  We are lucky to have him and his creative activities are impressive

    - Roberta Sloan, Ph.D., Professor
      Chair and Executive Producer, Temple University Theater Department

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